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Dress Code

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In general, there are not many limitations on clothing for men in Iran. But men do not wear shorts and sleeveless t-shirts in public places.


Iran is an Islamic country, and like other Islamic countries, follows the laws of the Islamic religion, which also includes wearing the hijab. But the hijab in Iran, as broadcast through television channels, is not limited to the black veil (Chaddor).
Iranian women are much more balanced than other countries in the Middle East in choosing their clothes and they are very concerned about the fashion and their appearance. The colors of the clothes are not limited to dark colors and you have complete freedom in choosing the color.
You just need to be sure of all your body covered; jeans and a long-sleeved shirt that is long enough to cover your hips as much as possible, are good examples.


The main limitation of clothes for women in Iran is the scarf; you should cover your hair with a scarf or a shawl in all public places. But this does not mean you must cover all of your head and hair – if some strands of hair are out, it is normal.
When you visit religious places (Shrine), the requirements for women’s clothing is more strict than inother places. When you enter these places, you should wear a veil. But do not worry. At the entrance of these places, veils are freely provided to the visitors.