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 Population (2011): 1,756,126

 Elevation: 1,590 m (5,217 ft)

 Distance from Tehran: 450 Km

 Highlights: Imam square , Ali Qapoo palace , Imam Mosque , Sheykh Lotfollah moasque , Chehel-Sotoon palace , Hasht-Behest palace , Si-o-Se Pol bridge , Khajoo bridge , Jame mosque , Vank church ,…

 UNESCO Site(s):
Nashe-e Jahan square (1979)
Jame mosque (2012)


Isfahan, Nesf-e-Jahan (the half of the world) is the capital of Isfahan province, the third largest and the third most populous city in Iran.
The selection of Isfahan as the capital of Iran during Safavid dynasty causes overall growth and development of the city especially in the area of art and architecture and since this kind of art and architecture was originated Islamic culture of that period, this city was introduced as the cultural capital of the Islamic world in 2006.
The remnants of the Safavid dynasty are Naqsh-e Jahan square, Sheikh Lotfollah mosque, Khaju bridge and the bridge of 33 arches (Si-o-Seh Pol) ,Ali Qapu and Chehel sotoun palaces.
Isfahan is the residence of the majority of Armenian minorities, so you should visit Jolfa quarter, Vank cathedral , drinking a cup of coffee at one of the cafes of this quarter.
Atiq Jameh mosque of Isfahan is also one of the places where you should visit. A mosque which is a collection of art, architecture, tiling and plastering in different periods of Iran. You will certainly be impressed by it.

Things to Try

  • Carpet
  • Beryani
    Khoresht Maast

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Iran smiles As You Travel Irans Miles ...

Isfahan sightseeing #1

5 Hours
City tour in 4 hours
"Imam" square,UNESCO World Heritage
Get familiar with Isfahan Handicrafts
"Chehel Sotoon" palace
"Hasht Behesht" palace
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1-4 Pax 60 €
Iran smiles As You Travel Irans Miles ...

Isfahan sightseeing #2

4 Hours
City tour in 4 hours
Armenian District
"Vank" and "Beytolahm" Church
"Si-o-Se pol" and "Khajou" hisorical bridges
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1-4 Pax 60 €