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Azadi Tower

Asadi Tower, The Symbol of the city of Tehran

 Population (2011): 8,154,051

 Elevation: 900 to 1,830 m (2,952 to 6,003 ft)

 Distance from Tehran: 0 Km

 Highlights: Golestan palace, Milad Tower, Bazaar, National museum of Iran, Sa’d Abad Complex, Niavaran Palace, Azadi Tower, etc.

 UNESCO Sites: Golestan Palace (2013)

Tehran, is the 32th capital of iran, 23th populous city and 27th large city of the world.
At first, Tehran was a village in the southern slopes of the Alborz that was chosen as the capital of Iran during the Qajar period.
Walking on the sidewalks and markets of this city in a crowd of Iranian, visiting the magnificent palaces remaining from when this city’s chosen as the capital of Iran or visiting Milad Tower, the tallest tower of Iran and the 6th tallest telecommunication tower in the world as a symbol of modernity of the capital could familiarize you with the genuine culture and the rich history of Iran.

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